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Welcome to MastaMinds Inc. Network

We are a specialty retailer that focuses on markets in which we can offer better selection, service and value than our competitors.


MastaMinds is powered by knowledgeable people who guarantee the best shopping experience from a mouse click to your doorstep.


Browse our specialty stores and you’ll understand how MastaMinds Inc. Network delivers a top notch shopping experience.


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DSM Performance Parts


Boost Controller


Intercooler Kits


Turbo Kits

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Blow off valve

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Men's Designer Cologne


Armani Cologne

Calvin Klein Cologne

Gucci Cologne

Kenneth Cole Cologne

Versace Cologne

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Neon SRT-4 Parts


Clutch Kit


Intercooler Upgrade

Mopar Performance

Stage 3 Turbo

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Scion xA, xB, tC Parts


Body Kits

Gauge Pod

Intake System


Turbo Kits

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Women's Perfume & Makeup


Baby Phat Perfume

Chanel Perfume

Lovely Perfume

Mac Makeup

Paris Hilton Perfume

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